Courses by Presenter

Burgess, Jeff

Facial Pain NOT Caused by Teeth (3 sections)

Cardenas, Lina M.

Dental Trauma In Pediatric Dentistry (5 sections)

Cathro, Peter

Instrumentation: The Science and The Art (1 section)

Croll, Burney

Emergence Profiles In Natural Tooth Contours (1 section)

De St. Georges, Jennifer

Patient Management... from a non-clinical perspective (1 section)

Deutsch, Allan S.

Anterior Endodontics For The General Practitioner (1 section)

Ellison, James T.

The Precision Prosthesis: Attachments Used In Removable Prosthetics (1 section)

Fickl, Stefan

Management Of The Extraction Site (1 section)

Fine, James B.

Crown Lengthening: A Powerful Tool for Healthier Gums and Better Crowns (1 section)

Evidence You Need to Know about Periodontal Treatment: What Works and What Doesn’t (2 sections)

The 3 U’s of Vitamin D Therapy: Mis-Understood, Unappreciated, Underused (1 section)

Update on Bone Grafting (1 section)

Update on Bone Substitutes: What Every Dentist Needs to Know (1 section)

Giglio, Graziano

Achieving Aesthetic Laminate Veneers (1 section)

Review of Smile Design Parameters (1 section)

Gilbert, Brett E.

Endodontic Retreatment: Achieving Success the Second Time (2 sections)

The Essentials of Endodontic Diagnosis (1 section)

Goodacre, Charles J.

How to Achieve Excellent Marginal Fit and Cervical Contour with Crowns (1 section)

Hashem, Ahmed

Perforations: The Endodontic Dilemma (1 section)

Huber, Michaell

Oral Cancer: Update on Risk Factors, Adjunctive Diagnostic Aids, Management Strategies, & Complications (3 sections)

Review of Common Oral Lesions (3 sections)

Lynn, Evan

Options For The Endodontically Compromised Tooth (1 section)

Malamed, Stanley

Emergency Medicine (1 section)

Margolies, Ron

Complex Prosthetics in General Practice, “What to do, How to do it and When” (3 sections)

Massad, Joseph

Impressions Made Simple (6 sections)

Meador, Harold

Seven Ways To Avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (3 sections)

Mendez, Catalina

Obturation: Basis, Objectives, and Techniques (1 section)

Perry, Christopher J.

Implants, Tissue Control, and Laboratory Communications (1 section)

Team-Driven, Patient-Centered, Practice Management (2 sections)

Polack, Mariano

Understanding Current All-Ceramic Systems (1 section)

Poling, Rebecca

How to Take Perfect PVS Impressions Every Time (1 section)

Reznick, Jay B.

Oral Surgery 101: Basics in Oral Surgery (3 sections)

Rogers, Robert R.

Jurisprudence: How to Avoid A Legal Entanglement (Dental Sleep Medicine) (1 section)

Rozenberg, Barry

TMD/Orofacial Pain: Considerations for the General Practitioner (1 section)

Soxman, Jane A.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Oral Trauma (3 sections)

Stauffer, Deborah

Teaching Oral Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (1 section)

Tarnow, Dennis

Periodontal and Prosthetic Management of Furcated Teeth (1 section)

Terezhalmy, Geza

Antibacterial Chemotherapy (2 sections)

Hypertension: Risk Stratification and Patient Management in the Oral Healthcare Setting (2 sections)

Orolabial Herpetic Infections: Diagnosis and Treatment (1 section)

Oropharyngeal Candidiasis: Diagnosis and Treatment (1 section)

Salivary Gland Dysfunction: Diagnosis and Treatment (1 section)

Solar (Actinic) Cheilosis: Diagnosis and Treatment (1 section)

The Patient With Endocrine Disorders: Risk Stratification and Dental Management (2 sections)

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Treat Pain (2 sections)

Vafiadis, Dean

Computerized Dentistry for Private Practice: Abutments, Ceramics and Occlusion (1 section)

Valauri, Bruce G.

Contemporary Complete Dentures, “What Every Dentist Should Know” (1 section)

Weinberg, Mea

Managing the Medically Compromised Patient (4 sections)

Winter, Alan

Using 3D Imaging: The New Standard of Care (1 section)

Wright, Edward F.

Evaluating and Treating TMD (3 sections)