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Facilitating Participant Interaction Procedures:

A question and answer option is available to users that are registered for online learning courses.

Upon checking the “Question & Answer” button a pop-up window will appear indicating the current course and section, an empty box to enter the question, “Your assigned code” box, and “Type your assigned code” box. After the registrant enters their question and their assigned code they will click on submit. Immediately they will receive an email with the following message:

Thank you!
You will receive an e-mail regarding this inquiry for your records. We appreciate your participation and input. The reference number for this question inquiry is: ___. We will get back with you as soon as we get an answer. Our average turnaround has been two (2) working days. On University holidays and breaks, response may take a little longer. If you have some concerns, please call (210) 567-3177. Thank you.

Your question will be e-mailed to and will automatically download to the online database. From a CDE Staff member will forward the question to the appropriate speaker. The speaker will respond back to with the answer. The CDE staff member will copy and paste the answer to the online database and from this database will send the answer to the participant. Once the answer has been sent, automatically the profile will be flagged that the answer was forwarded to the participant. A notification will be sent to CDE that the e-mail has been successfully sent. The registrant will receive an e-mail reply with a copy of the question and the answer from the speaker. The Office of Continuing Dental Education will have the option to post the question and answer on the website for others to view.

At the completion of each course, all participants will be required to complete a course evaluation. Please be aware once you decide to take the exam you will be denied any further access to the course material.